Recycling FAQ's

Do I have to remove wrappers from aluminum cans and glass bottles and jars?

No, but please empty all remaining food and liquid from them. This will help keep your cart clean while aiding in the recycling process.

What should I do with fluorescent light bulbs?

Residents are encouraged to take fluorescent light bulbs to a Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection 

Can cardboard be recycled?

Yes, but cardboard must be flattened and cut down to fit in your green cart. If you have large quantities of cardboard, you may take it to the McKay Bay Refuse-To-Energy Facility at 107 N. 34th St. for free drop off.

Can I recycle plastics bags?

No. Please recycle plastic bottles, containers and jugs only.  Please do not bag your recyclcing. 

Can I recycle aerosol and other steel cans?

Yes, you may place them in your green cart.

Can I recycle batteries?

No.  Standard alkaline batteries can be placed in your trash.  Electronic batteries should be taken to  Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection.    

Where do the recyclables collected at the curb go?

Markets for recyclables fluctuate a great deal. Depending on market values, the City may receive some revenue for materials, which will then be put towards the overall program cost. All materials go through an intermediate processor who prepares the materials for markets and ship them to the various paper mills and plastic or glass or aluminum plants. 

What happened to the drop-off centers?

The drop-off centers were available for residents of the City of Tampa who did not have curbside recycling. As all residents with curbside garbage service now have curbside recycling service, there is no longer a need for the drop-off centers.

Does the City have any type of composting program?

No, but the Hillsborough County Extension conducts workshops.