Residential Collection Methods

By the Spring of 2005, the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management will use three different methods to collect household garbage. They are manual, semi-automated, and fully automated collection.

Picture of Manual Collection TruckManual collection

Manual collection vehicles are operated by one driver who is responsible for driving and loading debris into the truck. The design of the low entry caballows the operator to safely step in and out of the truck in order to efficiently perform their task.


Picture of Semi-Automated Collection TruckSemi-Automated collection

The driver operates a mechanical arm on the vehicle, which is made to load a specially designed refuse cart into the body of the truck.  Semi-automated helps reduce injuries and other possible hazards from injuring staff.


Photo of Fully Automated Collection TruckFully-Automated Collection

Fully-automated refuse collection is a new technologically advanced waste collection system designed to improve collection efficiency, enhance performance, improve customer relations and reduce both operational workers and worker's compensation cost. The operator uses a set of hand controls to mechanically lift and return a roll out cart from the homeowner's curbside. Fully-automated collection will be introduced to 6,500 residential customers in the spring of 2005. The Department's goal is to expand fully automated collection services to 80% of the City and semi-automated to the remaining 20% of the City. For more information on this program please call the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management Customer Service Division at (813) 348-1111.