"Be Smart, Use Your Cart" Automated Residential Recycling

The citywide response from residents to the Be Smart, Use Your Cart automated residential recycling program has been overwhelmingly positive. Recycling participation in areas that have received their green 96-gallon recycling carts has more than doubled. This means that Tampa residents are recycling more than ever!

Because demand for recycling carts has been much higher than anticipated, cart distribution will be slightly delayed for some residents. All affected residents will be notified via mail and will receive a recycling cart once the next order of carts arrives.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Tampa Utilities Consolidated Call Center at (813) 274-8811, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City of Tampa Introduces Automated Carted Recycling

In February 2013, the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management launched a new way to recycle. Be Smart, Use Your Cart is an exciting, new automated recycling program for City of Tampa residents. Over an 18-month period, the 14-gallon blue bins currently used to store recyclables at the curb will be replaced with a 96-gallon green recycling cart, complete with technology that will make them easier to track.

A 96-gallon recycling cart holds more recyclables, reduces litter, and easily rolls to the curb and back.  Automated carted recycling offers a more efficient and effective collection process for the City, and is safer for refuse drivers.  Automated recycling also helps to promote a more sustainable community.

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In 2011, the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management conducted an extensive study to evaluate household recycling participation rates across Tampa in the blue bin curbside recycling program.  The Be Smart, Use Your Cart automated recycling program is being implemented based on the recycling participation rates observed throughout the City, with the highest participation routes within each service day receiving automated carting recycling first.

Please see the maps below to determine if your residence is currently eligible to receive a new recycling cart as part of the "Be Smart, Use Your Cart" automated recycling program.