Solid Waste Inspectors

The Department of  Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management Code Enforcement Division's primary focus is to educate and instruct citizens regarding proper solid waste disposal. Invitations to make presentations at Neighborhood Meetings are welcomed. The function of the Solid Waste Department Code is to improve the aesthetics of the City of Tampa by keeping all City rights-of-way free of accumulations of debris. Officers handle a variety of complaints and inquiries regarding disposal of solid waste, as well as illegal dumping on the City right-of-way. Officers also investigate the use of the McKay Bay Refuse and advise citizens regarding their free disposal privileges.

(813) 348-1112    B.J. Slatton,Supervisor
(813) 348-1156    Fax


Common Code Concerns:

How to File a Complaint:

Most code enforcement complaints cases are initiated by Tampa residents. If you suspect a code violation in your neighborhood, please report it to Code Enforcement by filing a complaint. Once filed, a service request will be created for Code Enforcement and the matter will be investigated.