Gasparilla Parades 2016 Information

One of the most popular attractions in Tampa is the annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest, which has been a tradition in Tampa since 1905.  Over 300,000 spectators are expected to line the streets to watch the Children's Gasparilla Extravaganza on January 23, 2016 and the Gasparilla Pirates Fest on January 30, 2016.  In order to accommodate the parades, many streets will be closed. This page will provide you information about the events, street closures, parade routes, other information that will help you enjoy the festivities safely.

Parking and Circulations Maps for Neigbhorhoods

Children's Gasparilla Extravaganza logo


Gasparilla Parade logo

Please note: The boat ramp at Ballast Point Park will be closed on January 30 from 10 a.m. - noon.