About Us - Stormwater

The Stormwater Division falls under the umbrella of the City of Tampa Transportation and Stormwater Services.  The Stormwater Division is responsible for planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of Tampa's stormwater system. The activities of the Division are geared towards the prevention of flooding and reduction of pollution.  Tampa's stormwater utility fee provides a dedicated funding source to offset the cost of addressing system maintenance, operations, planning and water quality needs.

Responsibilities of The Division

    • Maintenance of the drainage infrastructure.  This includes cleaning of storm drain inlets, pipes and ditches; repairing curbs, gutters and catch basins; and installing new drainage systems.

    • Operation of a fleet of street sweepers and vacuum trucks to keep storm drains flowing freely.
    • Repairs to small drainage projects such as driveway pipe replacements, catch basin repairs and river bank stabilization.

    • Capital improvement projects for large-scale stormwater replacements, detention pond construction and drainage improvements.

    • Administration of water quality programs required under the NPDES Permit for stormwater discharges.

Goals and Objectives

  • Establish community standards for Stormwater design and construction.
  • Provide proactive maintenance to the stormwater system in conjunction with system planning.
  • Identify and secure funding sources for capital improvement projects.
  • Reduce water pollution by incorporating stormwater best management practices and technologies.
  • Provide citizen education materials to promote pollution prevention opportunities.