What Is Stormwater?

Stormwater is no more than rain water that flows off streets, rooftops, parking lots, and neighborhoods.  Stormwater is channeled into the City's extensive system of drainage pipes and ditches with its final destination being the Hillsborough River and/or Tampa Bay.  Stormwater drainage lines are located throughout the City to prevent flooding by moving water away from roads and neighborhoods.

There are two important aspects of stormwater within the urban environment: Quantity and Quality. The Stormwater Division maintains the City's system to provide adequate levels of flood protection and pollution prevention.

Stormwater Maintenance  

The Stormwater Operations & Maintenance Division implements its maintenance program under a zone based approach which optimizes staff and resources across city regions (or zones).  Crews provide proactive maintenance of the stormwater systems to minimize impacts to the citizenry.  Where necessary, stormwater crews also respond to known drainage problems. More...     

Capital Improvement Projects

A Five-Year Plan of Capital Improvement Projects has been developed to prioritize needs over time and to work within available funding limits.  These are larger projects which require extensive planning prior to construction.  Fiscal Year 2015 projects  and Fiscal Year 2016 projects are underway throughout the City. 

Planning and Environmental

Flooding concerns and Water Quality programs are investigated by stormwater professionals and prioritized accordingly.  A Stormwater Utility Fund was established in FY04 as a means of improving the level of service provided to all areas of the City. The utility fund allows the City to coordinate planning, maintenance and improvement projects. 

Design Engineering and Drafting

Engineering staff within the Stormwater Department review construction plans to ensure that development does not negatively affect the performance of the City's existing infrastructure.  The Design Engineering group also performs rainfall and runoff  modeling to assist other divisions with developing and prioritizing improvement projects.  Extensive assistance is also provided to third-party design and survey firms to ensure that City design standards are followed. More...