Development And Consumer Affairs

The Development and Consumer Affairs Division is responsible for facilitating the resolution of problems,issues, and concerns of residents of the City of Tampa related to flooding and Stormwater management. The Division works and coordinates with Administration and other City Departments. Represents the Department at City Council, and the community at large. Responds to citizen complaints and neighborhood concerns.

The division oversees the development of the Canal Dredging program, review of zoning petitions, vacating petitions, right of way permitting and all new development within the City limits.

The division also coordinates with the Maintenance Yard in reference to citizen concerns. These concerns are being responded to in a timely manner and are assigned to the appropriate zone for investigation. The Department received complaints such as Cave-ins, structural repair, clogged pipe, curbing, ditch maintenance, ditch regrading, flooding, miscellaneous repairs, retention pond issues, storm drain issues, standing water and washout repairs. See attached graph for number of requests for service:

For further information please e-mail your questions to the Stormwater Message Center or to determine whether your property is in a flood zone call 813-259-1750.