Preventing Stormwater Pollution

What would the City of Tampa be without its water?  

Tampa Bay, the Hillsborough River, and the many creeks, ponds and lakes all contribute to make this city what it is and gives us a connection to our environment.  This area is blessed with an abundance of recreational waters.

What would the City of Tampa be like if all of our surface waters were polluted?

If surface waters were polluted, impaired, or unattractive they can cease to be an asset to the community. Polluted stormwater poses a significant threat to the health of our clean waterways.  Stormwater can become polluted through everyday human activities or through illegal disposal of litter, debris, and chemicals.  

What can I do to help keep our waters clean?

All waters that enter the storm drainage system ultimately flow to a natural water body such as a lake, stream, river, wetland or coastal water.  Do your best to keep trash and debris from getting into storm drains as these materials can prevent water from draining away from your neighborhood.  Follow these links to learn more about ways you can help directly and indirectly: