Storm Sewer Maintenance

City of Tampa crews perform about three quarters of a million dollars worth of improvements and repairs to the stormwater management system each year. This is in addition to the millions of dollars spent improving and expanding the system through private contractors. These crews are responsible for the construction of new storm sewers and the emergency repair of all existing drainage infrastructure within the City limits. Additionally, Stormwater Operations is responsible for repairing concrete drainage structures such as retaining walls and stormwater inlets, including resetting inlet tops which have been knocked off by traffic.In an average year, these crews will make over 300 repairs to your stormwater management system.

Keeping the City of Tampa Stormwater Management System clean is an important job. Without it, even well designed systems cannot protect from flooding or polluting. Stormwater Operations works hard to keep the system clean by vacuuming inlets, jetting culverts, and pipelines using high pressure water. If you observe anyone using the Stormwater system for disposal of anything or as a place to dump trash, please notify us immediately through this website or call (813) 274-3101, 24 hours a day.

If the street sweepers miss anything, several crews regularly clean the 18,000 inlets in our stormwater system. These crews use vacuum trucks and small inlet cleaning equipment to clean an average of eight thousand inlets annually. These crews keep the system from clogging and prevent material from ending up in our receiving waters.

The Stormwater Operations section is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the nine permanent pumping stations in our closed drainage basins, as well as emergency pumping which relieves localized flooding. Before,during and after major rain events, crews inspect known problem areas and remove debris which might cause flooding. If you see something which warrants attention, such as a clogged inlet or grate on a ditch system, please notify us immediately at (813) 274-3101.