Capital Improvements

Overview of Tampa Convention Center

After 27 years of activity, the Tampa Convention Center has begun its largest renovation project in history: a $20 million three year Capital Improvement Plan which will result in a better customer experience, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

Phase 1 of the project will consist of a complete renovation of restrooms and the rehabilitation of the elevators.
Phase 2 will consist of the revamping of the meeting rooms and public spaces. The improvements will include upgrades to the HVAC system, and numerous lighting upgrades. The Riverwalk will also receive some improvements with the addition of new ramps to make the Riverwalk safer and more accessible.
Phase 3 will include a number of mechanical/electrical upgrades, painting, hardware replacement, and other miscellaneous improvements. TCC has contracted the design/build team of R.R. Simmons and ASD/Sky to expedite the project.
Other improvements around the Convention Center include the addition of a new restaurant next to The Sail. The entire site around The Sail will be developed into a new urban space called The Sail Plaza. The new space will provide dining space and flexible urban space, shaded by a new tensile fabric shade structure, for outdoor events.

Green Initiatives associated with the Capital Improvements


HVAC upgrades will use fan wall and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to match airflow to demand. Upgraded , electronic control, chilled water valves will allow better control of chilled water flows, reducing power needs.New coils in Air Handlers will increase heat exchange efficiency, further reducing power costs.


Installation of new low emissivity window films on westward facing meeting rooms lower UV and IR loading, thereby reducing cooling load.


New escalators and elevators utilize VFD drives for energy conservation. Sealed gears and lack of oil drives greatly reduce petroleum lubricant use.


All new lighting for the meeting rooms, restrooms, and concourses are LED to lower energy use, maintenance, and heat generation.


All surfaces and coatings / paint are low Volatile Organic Contaminant (VOC) materials.


New restroom materials are low maintenance and are intended for use with green cleaning products.