Meet the Planning Team

Find member by speciality. General questions: (813) 274-7762    Fax: (813) 274-5723
Juan Profile Photo

Juan Lopez, CMP
National Sales & Marketing Manager
(813) 274-7728


Chris Profile Photo

Chris Katsares
National Sales Manager
(813) 274-7820
Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast & Canada.

Event specialty areas: Corporate, finance, medical, weddings/social, cons/video gaming, anime, entertainment, sports, and promoter.

Stacy McGlinnen Photo

Stacy McGlinnen, CMP
National Sales Manager
(813) 274-7821
Midwest, West, Florida & Georgia.

Event specialty areas: Non-profit, religious, public/trade shows, technology, fraternal, education, government, military, and legal.

Convention Services
Phone: (813) 274-8511     Fax: (813) 274-8918

Shawn-Ta Wilson Photo

Shawn-Ta Wilson, CMP
Sr. Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-7767

Janna Profile Photo

Janna Stephens, CMP
Sr. Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-8250

Bailey Profile Photo

Bailey Morris, CMP
Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-5905

Brynn Profile Picture

Brynn Showalter, CMP
Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-7760

Erika O'Brien

Erika O'Brien, CMP
Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-7772

James Malcolm Photo

James Malcolm, CMP
Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-8312

Alexis Profile Photo

Alexis Comas, CMP
Convention Services Manager
(813) 274-7786