The Sail Gets Ready to Host a Gasparilla Invasion Celebration and Day-After Hair of the Dog Party


The Sail Gets Ready to Host a Gasparilla Invasion Celebration

Tampa, FL—The City of Tampa is in full Gasparilla pirate mode as the area’s signature festival prepares to take over Tampa’s downtown. This Saturday, January 27th, the Gasparilla invasion will mark the start of the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, an event that attracts thousands of tourists from across the nation with its extravagant parades, costumes, and activities.

On the morning of January 27th, the Tampa Convention Center will host the annual Gasparilla Invasion Brunch—a ticketed event where attendees can enjoy a full-course meal as the Jose Gasparilla sail north across Hillsborough Bay, into Seddon Channel, and docks outside the Tampa Convention Center. For tickets to the Gasaprilla Brunch, visit

While this exclusive event takes place inside the Tampa Convention Center, a free celebration will take place just outside at The Sail. Located along the waterfront where the Jose Gasparilla will drop anchor, those visiting The Sail will have the unique opportunity to greet the pirates as they step foot on land to invade the city.

To help celebrate the occasion, live music will be present with stages set up at the circle drive, and a line-up of popular food trucks will be serving food. The following food trucks will be present from 9am-6pm:

  • Krepelicious
  • Pitas on the Run
  • Monsta Lobsta
  • Anju Korean Gastro Truck
  • The Bacon Boss
  • Just Smokin BBQ
  • Empemamas
  • I Wanna Wok

Live music will be played at the circle drive until 8pm, at which point live music will continue at The Sail with a performance by local rock duo, J2. More food trucks will be available at this time as well, including Pattie King, Pineapple Shack, and Doughbie Brothers Pizza Company. 

The following morning, January 28th, The Sail will host an official Gasparilla after-party in partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. From 11am-4pm, the Tito’s Hair of the Dog Party will be serving vodka, Bloody Mary’s, and American Mules, while hosting live entertainment and a raffle giveaway.

Both The Sail’s Gasparilla Invasion celebration and the Tito’s Hair of the Dog Party are free and open to the public.

For more information, visit The Sail’s Facebook page at: