TCCReady Together


TCCReady Together

TCC is Committed to Ensuring the following:

Building Cleanliness

  • 5 Touch-Free double-door Entry/Exits at main entry points of building.
  • Touch-free entry/exit at restrooms on levels 1 & 3.
  • Dedicated Touch-Point Cleaning Task Force for all public touch points.
  • Electrostatic cleaning in all meeting rooms and ballrooms.
  • Restroom soap and towel dispensers frequently refilled.
  • Hand sanitizer (alcohol-based) stations throughout the venue.
  • Continual supply of fresh air into building for high rate of ventilation.

Attendees & Guest Experiences

  • Signage promoting frequent handwashing.
  • Signage stating maximum of 50 persons within any space at a time.
  • Signage stating limit of 2 persons per passenger elevator ride.
  • Signage showing 6’ distancing in corridors and on escalators steps.
  • Room set guidance for 6’ theater spacing.
  • Service Attendants at all kiosk locations to assist guests.

Enhanced Employee Initiatives & Hygiene Training

  • Daily health screening required for all employees to obtain entry.
  • 2 Touch-Free secured entry points to kitchen service corridors.
  • Face coverings required* if 6’ social distancing not possible.
  • Hygiene signage posted in all employee only areas.

Food & Beverage Enhancements

  • Face coverings required for food and beverage servers.
  • Grab n’ Go fresh sealed package food options and bottle soda.
  • Prewrapped cutlery, straws and stirrers.
  • Sanitization of small wares frequently, as well as high touch points.
  • 6’ spacing signage at concessions and seating placed 6’ apart.
  • Cashless transactions at all concessions.

Show Manager Requirements include the following:

  • Comply with building occupancy as determined by the Tampa Fire Marshal or City Code Enforcement based on the current governmental occupancy at time of event.
  • Strictly manage all pre-sale and on-site ticket sales according to the COVID-19 modified maximum occupancy levels for the rental spaces. Do not oversell tickets.
  • Capacity charts and floor plans for 6’ spacing options are available.
  • TCC will monitor the occupancy load and reserves the right to limit or reduce occupancy should overcrowding occur or should an unsafe condition arise.
  • Thermal Screenings are mandatory for all occupants prior to entering. Facial coverings are recommended for all thermal screenings. It is show management’s responsibility to advise attendees of this requirement.
  • One way ingress/egress paths for all rental spaces where available.
  • One way travel paths must be implemented in all aisles in exhibit halls.
  • Physical Distancing of 6’ shall apply throughout the venue and groups of attendees should not gather in groups of more than 50 people.
  • All needed signage/floor markings within rental space are the responsibility of show management.
  • TCC Recommends hand sanitization stations be placed in rental spaces.
  • TCC requires* facial coverings for guests within 6’ distancing.
  • TPD officers will be required as determined by Tampa Police Dept.
  • All usual life safety parameters shall apply including Fire Watch.
  • Design strategic schedules for Food & Beverage and Refresh Services.

Client Responsibility includes ensuring that all attendees understand the commitment to following the requirements set forth below:

To Our Guests: Tampa Convention Center Welcomes You Back
We are happy to re-open our facility and welcome back our clients & guests. Below are ways you can help us achieve success in our goal to keep everyone safe. We ask that all guests comply with the following measures:

  • Cooperate with Temperature Checks when administered
  • Use CDC Recommended & Required* Facial Coverings
  • Wash Hands Frequently
  • Maintain 6’ Physical Distancing
  • Keep your group size to 50 or less
  • Follow One Way Foot Paths as noted
  • Utilize Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Follow Team Member Directions

TCC’s commitment to ensure your safety on our property includes enhanced sanitization standards, hand sanitizers throughout the venue, social distancing markers, restroom attendants, increased customer service attendants throughout the facility, new food & beverage delivery protocols, improved crowd control measures, and requirements for show managers to ensure a safe event.

*Per Executive Order 2020-27, every person working, living, visiting, or doing business in the City of Tampa is required to wear a face covering in any indoor location, other than their home or residence, when not maintaining social distancing from other person(s), excluding family members or companions. See Executive Order 20-27.