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Communication, Sharing, and Follow-up

Great news - We, the City of Tampa, are leading the way in bridging communications between City of Tampa department staff, City Council members and staff and our Customers through the use of our web-based and centralized repository, theTampaGov Customer Service Center, that offers efficient and centralized management of communication.

In summary, the system provides the citizen with a way to submit opinions, problems, and service requests without organizational knowledge, aids in accountability objectives of the City administration and helps departments to provide consistent customer responses, to assess service response times, and to coordinate actions when multiple agencies are involved.

A few highlights that this application provides

City of Tampa citizens and customers have access to seamless government services 24/7 that do not require a comprehensive knowledge of the organization

  • Citizens independently submit and track requests for items such as service requirements, research, payments options for services

  • Keyword search capability assists with a quick way to find the right service and direct access to the areas of our jurisdiction

  • Efficient redirection to county, state, and federal agencies for government services outside our authority, provides a one-stop service and a seamless environment

Progress tracking and management solutions

  • System generated Tracking Number and a unique Access Key per request

  • 2 -way communication follow-up such as information updates, change of contact information

  • Courtesy progress notifications via email, when provided

A contact management tool for City of Tampa staff

  • Request monitoring and administration

    • Collaborative environment for multi-organizational requests

    • Interactive capability for 2-way communications with customers

    • ManagementSolutions

      • Search capabilities

      • Report utilization (e.g. activity charts and counts reflecting citizen use of the system; executive summary reports that separate activity by status and responsibility; usage variances and trends)

    • Employees can easily enter 'new request'

      • On behalf of the citizen (for traditional citizen communications, e.g. mail, fax, phone, email and walk in to City offices) to record them, manage documents, distribute them to the appropriate service responsibility and provide the citizen with tracking information

      • To create requests either for internal business communication purposes or as they encounter a service requirement from the field

      • Designed to assist in routing requests to the responsible department via pre-established service recipients. Actions are recorded, and the status of the request is updated as appropriate

      • Document management via attachments - permanently retains a memo, fax, photo or other item with the communication request