Information Resources

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an industry and government "best practice" methodology for service operations. T&I leadership has adopted the ITIL version 3 framework as the standard model for guiding how technology service operations will be performed.


In conjunction with the adoption of the ITIL set of best practices, the City of Tampa has established a two-tiered system of IT governance.

Tier One:

  • Primary responsibility for IT project review is the ITSC (Information Technology Steering Committee). The ITSC evaluates and recommends priorities for projects that require significant IT resources (currently defined as projects requiring more than 160 T&I labor hours for completion). The ITSC meets monthly or more often if the volume of activities warrants.
  • The final source of IT project policy, financial review and project prioritization is the Governance Committee (GC). The GC incorporates the technical recommendations from the IT Steering Committee (ITSC) and other interests within the city in its evaluation and authorization of IT projects. The GC meets quarterly or more often if the volume of activities warrants.

Tier Two:

  • The Change Advisory Board (CAB) a cross-functional group set up to evaluate change requests for business need, cost/benefit and potential impacts to other systems or processes. The CAB currently focuses on projects requiring less than 160 T&I labor hours for completion. The functions of the CAB are performed by a sub-committee of the ITSC.

All requests for new services, changes or enhancements to services (as opposed to requests for service repair or restoration) must be submitted to the ITSC for consideration.