Bridge Operations

The City operates five (5) movable span bridges that provide access across theHillsborough River to the Tampa Central Business District:

  • Laurel St. Bridge
  • Platt Street Bridge - County owned
  • Brorein Street Bridge
  • Cass Street Bridge
  • Columbus Drive Bridge - County owned

Bridge opening for river traffic is available on two hours notice. The information needed for the bridge operator is thename of the boat, the direction of travel (north or south), and the Captain's name. If traveling southbound, the bridge order is: Hillsborough, Columbus, Laurel, Cass, Kennedy, Brorein, and Platt. If traveling northbound, the bridge order is: Platt, Brorein, Kennedy, Cass, Laurel, Columbus, and Hillsborough. Please call (813) 323-8422 to schedule a bridge opening.

Two bridges, Kennedy Blvd. and Hillsborough Ave. bridges, within the City, are operated by the Florida Department of Transportation(FDOT).