Neighborhood Speed Watch

The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program actively involves citizens in addressing speedingconcerns in their neighborhoods.

In this program, a City transportation technician, assisted by a local resident,conducts a radar speed survey on the residential street identified by residents as havinga high incidence of speeding. The technician documents the speed of vehicles and theresident assisting the technician writes down the license plate numbers of those motoristsfound to be traveling at an excessive rate of speed. The neighborhood group/associationdrafts a letter to be sent to these vehicle owners explaining the neighborhoods desire fora safe neighborhood and encouraging them to drive within the speed limit. The City thenreviews and approves the letter and forwards the names and addresses of the vehiclesowners obtained though the County motor vehicle registration records. Speed studyinformation (day, date, time, direction and speed) is also provided to be incorporatedinto the letter.

The Neighborhood speed Watch Program promotes more cooperative working relationshipsbetween the neighborhoods and City staff by providing residents the opportunity to planactive roles in addressing traffic concerns in their neighborhood. It provides a mechanismthat allows residents to witness firsthand if speeding is real or perceived.

For more information on this program contact a Traffic Studies Engineer, (813)274-8512.