Davis Islands Pavement Resurfacing

The City of Tampa Transportation and Stormwater Services Department is planning to resurface a section of the Davis Islands neighborhood. The street segments located in the Northwest quadrant bounded by W Davis Blvd and Erie Ave are scheduled for resurfacing under the City’s FY 16 plan. Improvements in the area will include drainage analysis, ADA compliance, signs and markings improvement, and street resurfacing, which covers 82,329 SY.

The City has consulted Greeley and Hansen to analyze the overall drainage of the area which includes documenting existing ponding water, surveying roads, and analyzing the drainage on a master plan standpoint.

W Davis Blvd from Erie to E Davis Blvd is being converted from a four lane undivided road to a three lane cross section with Two Way Left Turn Lanes in the center (TWLTLs), parking on both sides of the road (north and south), and a bike lane. The operational and design changes will promote safety including reduced vehicle speeds, reduce vehicle -pedestrian and bicycle- vehicle conflicts.

The City has contracted Asphalt Paving Systems (APS) to resurface the streets in Davis Islands at the finalization of the Consultant design plans. APS will implement design plans into the field and re-profile the pavement to optimize Stormwater runoff flow.