Green Infrastructure

El Prado Picture 1

Green infrastructure is a resilient approach to managing stormwater runoff impacts. While gray stormwater infrastructure (conventional piped drainage and water treatment systems) is designed to move urban stormwater away from the built environment, green infrastructure reduces and treats stormwater on site.

The El Prado project is a complex form of green infrastructure with amended soils, bioretention soils, gravel storage areas, underdrains, weirs, and thick diverse vegetation

Many natural processes occur within bioretention cells:

El Prado 2

- infiltration and storage reduces runoff volumes and attenuates peak flows
- biological and chemical reactions occur in the mulch, soil matrix, and root zone
- stormwater is filtered through vegetation and soil

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Zack Street 1

Zack Street Downtown

Bioretention is a versatile green street strategy

Bioretention features can also be attractive attention grabbing planter boxes or curb extensions.

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Scott Street

Scott Street

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Bioretention Curb Extensions and Sidewalk Planters