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City of Tampa Walk-Bike Plan

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The City of Tampa is dedicated to motorist, pedestrian and bicyclist safety. With more than 130 miles of bicycle facilities on Tampa's roadways, we recognize how important it is to share the road in order to ensure everyone's safety. Motorists should be mindful of traffic, while watching for bicyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians should use crosswalks and obey signals. Cyclists, whether on the road for exercise, leisure, or transportation, should practice bike safety and follow the rules of the road. So remember, be aware of your surroundings and please share the road.

Bicycle Road Sharing: Signage Information and Pavement Markings

The City of Tampa is committed to providing safer bicycle and pedestrian facilities along our roadways. To support this effort, the Transportation Division is working to provide additional signage and pavement markings, called Shared Lane Markings, along some roadways within the city limits. Shared Lane Markings, also known as sharrows, are pavement markings indicating where a bicyclist should ride on the roadway. The location of the sharrows should provide a safer riding buffer for cyclists from parked vehicles, to avoid being hit by opening vehicle doors.

Safety & Information Resources:

Hillsborough County has developed a Bicycle Safety Action Plan, or BSAP, which included the City of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace.  The plan identifies projects and programs tailored to address the specific problems facing cyclists in the county.

The City of Tampa recently finished the Walk-Bike Plan and appendices, which establishes a grid of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, linking the University of South Florida, Downtown, and the Westshore District.  Please visit our Complete Streets Program and Sidewalk Program pages for additional information on the City's Walk-Bike and sidewalk projects.  Following are other helpful links: 

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