Bridge Operations

The City operates five (5) movable span bridges that provide access across the Hillsborough River to the Tampa Central Business District:

  • Platt Street Bridge (#105500) (County owned)
  • Brorein Street Bridge  (#105501)
  • Cass Street Bridge (#105502)
  • Laurel Street Bridge (#105503)
  • Columbus Drive Bridge (#105504) (County owned)

These five (5) bridges are operated in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations Title 33 - Navigation and Navigable Waters, Part 117 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations. Bridge opening for River traffic is available on two-hour notice. 

Please call (813) 323-8422 to schedule a bridge opening. 

The following information is to be provided to the bridge operator:

  1. name of the boat;
  2. direction of travel (north or south); and
  3. Captain's name.

If traveling southbound, the bridge order is: Hillsborough Avenue, Columbus Drive, Laurel Street, Cass Street, Kennedy Boulevard, Brorein Street, and Platt Street.

If traveling northbound, the bridge order is: Platt Street, Brorein Street, Kennedy Boulevard, Cass Street, Laurel Street, Columbus Drive, and Hillsborough Avenue.

Two (2) bridges,  - Kennedy Boulevard and Hillsborough Avenue bridges, within the City, are operated by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).