Construction Related Policy

The following policy (C16. Wet Taps) is associated with new construction within the City of Tampa water service area.

  • Wet taps will be done by the Tampa Water Department or the current annual and bid contractors.
  • No wet taps will be made for private contractors on systems not belonging to the Tampa Water Department unless authorized by the department director.
  • Requests for taps will be made to the Tampa Water Department in writing and must include the following information:  Tampa Water Department Work Order number, the number of taps to be made, locations, site sketch for each, size of taps, size of mains to be tapped, desired date work is to be performed. A minimum of two weeks notice is required in order to schedule the work.
  • Wet taps 3" through 12" in size will be made by the Water Department for other City departments and for private contractors performing work on water system which will become part of the City of Tampa system.
  • The service charge for taps 3" through 12" is a flat rate of $375 per tap, payable in advance.
  • This service include only making the tap. The main to be tapped must be excavated and the trench dewatered by the contractor or the requesting department. The tapping sleeve or saddle and valve must be in place, tested, and ready to receive the tapping machine. The department's service strictly is limited to attaching the tapping machine and tapping the main. Water Department crews will not stand by and wait for the contractor or requesting department to prepare the job site for the taps.
  • If the pre-arranged times are cancelled more than twice or if the Water Department personnel arrive at the site to be tapped, at the time and place requested by the contractor or requesting department and the site is not prepared and ready for tapping machines, the crew will leave and a $150 penalty fee will be assessed. If this occurs, the penalty will have to be paid before a new time will be set for the tap the be made.

Please direct any questions regarding this service or this policy to the department's Engineering Division via email or by calling (813) 274-8121, option 6.