Science Fair Awards (K-12)

The Tampa Water Department recognizes one outstanding Hillsborough Regional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fair project at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels with the Drinking Water Award. The award-winning student receive a cash prize, a Certificate of Achievement and a Water Conservation Kit.

  • Elementary Division Science Fair

Elementary School Division Criteria

This year's (2015) Elementary School DRINKING WATER AWARD Winner was:

KYLIE LEWIS from Pride Elementary School for her project:

"What's In Your Water?" which investigated the contents of drinking water from various neighborhoods and looked for correlations to the useful lifespan of filter cartridges for in-home filtration systems.


  • Junior Division Science Fair

Middle School Division Criteria  

This year's (2015) Middle School DRINKING WATER AWARD Winner was:

Ohm Patel from Tomlin Middle School for his project:

"Solar Water Desalination" where he constructed two small scale solar distillation units that produced purified water from saltwater.


  • Senior Division Science Fair

High School Division Criteria 

This year's (2015) High School DRINKING WATER AWARD Winner was:

Kishan Avaiya from Strawberry Crest High School for his project:

"The Effect of Combining Moringa Oleifera Extract with Reduced Amounts of Alum to Facilitate Destabilization of Suspended Partcle Charges" where he explored the potential to reduce the use of alum (aluminum potassium sulfate) in drinking water production by using seeds collected from Moringa Oleifera , or drumstick tree.



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