Establishing Water Service

Is your proposed project site within the City of Tampa Water Department Service Area?

If "yes," access and complete the necessary forms for your location/project and then submit your application online

If "no,"  the City of Tampa Water Department cannot provide you with water service. Please contact either Hillsborough CountyTemple Terrace or Pasco County to obtain water service.

Residential Online Application Supplemental Forms

Commercial Online Application Supplemental Forms

If you are not using the online service provided through the Construction Services Center to submit your application to establish water service, select and complete the appropriate forms package provided below:

Single-Family Residential         Multi-Family and/or Non-Residential/Subdivision Development

Attach the following information to your application (if applicable):

  • Statement of your intentions for installation if a larger water service (Developer or City installed).
  • Address verification of proposed structure (call 274-8405).
  • A detailed site plan for the development indicating the location of the property, the location and size of the building(s), site roadways, outside piping, project frontage on public right-of-way, and proposed new utility piping by others in this area.
  • A copy of your final plat, if subdivision is outside City limits or there is no clear public right of way.
  • Plumbing plans
  • Boundary Survey
  • Landscaping and Storm Drainage Plans
  • Documentation for any special water uses.
  • Proof of ownership of property, if not verifiable with County Property Appraiser's Office (preferably a deed).
  • Signed authorization form from the owner of the property granting your company the right to sign the application.
  • If property is within shared development with master metered water services (e.g., strip retail center), please provide both existing and proposed water demands (via the Water Customer Data Sheet and current City of Tampa Water Department account information).
  • Benchmark elevation and final grade elevation or statement of no grade changes.
  • Anticipated water consumption in gallons per day.
  • If your project falls within either the Downtown and South Tampa or Northeast Contribution in Aid of Construction Areas, you must complete the ERC Calculation Spreadsheet included in the application package.

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for a response.  The review process for applications is generally time critical for all applicants. Your patience is appreciated as your application is reviewed and processed in the order in which it was received. The completeness and integrity of submitted documentation is helpful in ensuring an efficient commitment process. Providing an email address on your application may decrease time used for questions or other communication. 

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Water Service Commitment Process Flow Charts:

Major Water Department Fees Associated with a Development Project:

Helpful Documents:

General Information:

Disclaimer of Liability

The City of Tampa Water Department (TWD) makes documents, project specifications, reports and drawings available to the public in both hard copy and electronic formats for informational purposes only.  No warranty either expressed or implied is made regarding the content, accuracy or reliability of this information.  The reuse of this information on another project will be at such a person's or entity's sole risk.  TWD reserves the right to revise, update and improve these details without notice and assumes no responsibility as a result of their use.  TWD makes every effort to ensure information provided in electronic format is virus free, however TWD assumes no responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by the electronic installation of this information.  The user agrees to indemnify the City of Tampa from any and all claims, damages, losses and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of or related to such unauthorized reuse, change or alteration of any information provided.  Use of the provided information indicates that use accepts the above conditions.

Single Family Residential (Legacy Forms and Applications)

  • A separate application and $50 application fee is required for each residence.
  • Only one (1) domestic water meter is permitted for each premise or legal description.

Utility Service Application for Single Family Residence/Duplex 

Application for Irrigation Meter    

Mail completed applications to Development Service Center, 1400 N. Boulevard, Tampa 33607 or Tampa Water Department, 306 E. Jackson St., 5E, Tampa 33602.

Multi-Family and/or Non-Residential/Subdivision Development (Legacy Forms and Applications)

  • A separate application fee (see Fee Schedule) is required for each individual application.
  • Only one (1) domestic water meter can be installed for each premise or legal description.

Utility Service Application for Multi-Family/Non-Residential Developments 

Mail completed applications to Development Service Center, 1400 N. Boulevard, Tampa 33607 or Tampa Water Department, 306 E. Jackson St., 5E, Tampa 33602.

Fee Schedule

Peak or domestic flow of 50 gpm or less, no fireline $50
Peak or domestic flow greater than 50 gpm, fire main, fire hydrant or infrastructure $70

Call the Tampa Water Department at (813) 274-8121 if you have questions.

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