Community Water Wise Awards

The Community Water Wise Awards program recognizes individuals and businesses that are committed to conserving our water resources and protecting the environment by using attractive Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ and irrigation systems or techniques that minimize water waste.  Winning landscapes represent the beauty and resiliency of our natural environment.

 2018 City of Tampa Residential Winner -- Melissa Taylor

2018 City of Tampa Water Wise Award Winner Back Yard Landscape

Melissa Taylor's  backyard landscape uses a variety of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™  elements.  Drought-tolerant trees and plants reduce the need for supplemental irrigation. Plants are selected for site conditions with the grouping of plants with similar water and maintenance needs. The plant beds under the trees are self-mulching and supplemented by organic and alternative mulch where necessary. Pervious materials were used for paths, walks and other areas for efficient drainage with terracing to prohibit erosion.  Appropriate maintenance was in place to prevent invasive plants and weeds, and French drains and rain barrels were used for supplemental irrigation, and the landscape thrives on rainfall without an irrigation system.  As a whole, the landscape is attractive, water efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Application period for the 2019 Community Water Wise Award competition closed June 30, 2019.