Water Service Application Supplemental Forms and Information

Attach the following information to your application (as applicable):

  • Statement of your intentions for installation if a larger water service (Developer or City installed).
  • Address verification of proposed structure (call 274-8405).
  • A detailed site plan for the development indicating the location of the property, the location and size of the building(s), site roadways, outside piping, project frontage on public right-of-way, and proposed new utility piping by others in this area.
  • A copy of your final plat, if subdivision is outside City limits or there is no clear public right of way.
  • Plumbing plans
  • Boundary Survey
  • Landscaping and Storm Drainage Plans
  • Documentation for any special water uses.
  • Proof of ownership of property, if not verifiable with County Property Appraiser's Office (preferably a deed).
  • Signed authorization form from the owner of the property granting your company the right to sign the application.
  • If property is within shared development with master metered water services (e.g., strip retail center), please provide both existing and proposed water demands (via the Water Customer Data Sheet and current City of Tampa Water Department account information).
  • Benchmark elevation and final grade elevation or statement of no grade changes.
  • Anticipated water consumption in gallons per day.
  • If your project falls within either the Downtown and South Tampa or Northeast Contribution in Aid of Construction Areas, you must complete the ERC Calculation Spreadsheet included in the application package.

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