How to Add a SlideShow with Links

  • Add a "Content Page" node normally as you would any other piece of content.
  • Add each image via the new "Content Slideshow" content type -
    • The title field of this content can be anything as it won't show up anywhere
    • The image field is used to add your images the same way we do the other content types
    • Use URL field to add your custom URLs. Make sure they are preceded by a forward slash "/" if they are an internal page (such as "/accounting") or an http:// if they are to link to an external site (such as "" )
    • The content reference field is used to reference the node that was added in step one. Just start typing the title of the node and it will show up in the auto-complete box.
    • Save the "Content Slideshow" node.
  • Go back to the "Content Page" node that was created in step one and do a full page override in the panelizer.
  • Add a new piece of content in the content area
  • Click the "View Panes" category and add the "Slideshow Content View" pane.
  • Save the node and the slideshow should display correctly

 Here's an example setup that you can reference:

 Content Slideshow image 1 -

Content Slideshow image 2 -

Content page example with everything finished - 

 Let me know if you have any questions/concerns,