Programs And Services

Programs And Services

Programs and Services

Protecting the life and preserving the property of Tampa's citizens,businesses and visitors through effective prevention, preparation, response andrecovery activities before, during and after disasters and emergencies is theprimary mission of Tampa OEM. As such, providing essential government services,particularly in the area of public safety and homeland security, is an immensechallenge. Tampa is not only faced with natural threats, but the specter ofterrorism has created new demands. At the same time, economic constraintsrequire better and more resourceful management on our part. 

OEM operates using a core set of values that set the stage for an aggressive,proactive and innovative approach to better protect the citizens of Tampa. Ourefforts in the areas of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery arecarried out with the clear understanding that when all is said and done - itis truly all about people.

Every disaster has a human side -- the victims, as well as the responders andvolunteers who reach out and lend a helping hand when emergencies occur. Byworking together with our partners in government and the volunteer and privatesector, we can successfully confront whatever challenges come our way. The Greater-Tampa Community Emergency Response Team (GT-CERT) is an excellent way for everydayheroes from Tampa's communities to become involved in proactive emergency management.

To accomplish our mission, OEM maintains a disciplined unit of emergencymanagement and fire personnel, including responders, planners, andadministrative and support staff, to identify and respond to various hazards.OEM personnel have been trained in the standards and protocol of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and have served in a multiple capacitiesduring major disasters throughout the southeastern United States