Careers at the Tampa Police Department

Careers at the Tampa Police Department

Join TPDThinking about a career in Lawenforcement? A professional career in law enforcement awaits you in Tampa, Florida.

Since the City of Tampa established its first municipal police department in 1887, the Tampa Police Department has been proud of its many accomplishments in the prevention and reduction of crime, as well as its accomplishments to the community. The department is regularly evaluated by national accreditation organizations.  Compliance with accreditation standards affirms that the Tampa Police Department is recognized as representing the very best in current law enforcement practices.

Newly employed Police Officers are assigned to a four month comprehensive field training program. This work/training environment develops job confidence and expertise under the direction of qualified Training Officers.

The Tampa Police Department has over 1,000 authorized sworn law enforcement personnel positions, andmore than 350 civilian and support staff personnel positions.

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