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The Tampa Convention Center is committed to using more sustainable options to the extent possible. Following are initiatives for which we track the results with the goal of improving year after year.

Cool Roof

The Tampa Convention Center has 17.8 acres of energy-star reflective roof covering to minimize solar heat loading by reflecting infrared energy up and away from the building. This reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling and reduces the “heat island” effect at night.

Daylight Harvesting

The Tampa Convention Center practices daylight harvesting to utilize sunlight while turning off lighting during the day. This saves energy and reduces heat that is normally produced by the lighting fixtures. Additionally, the life span of the bulb is extended.

Efficient Chillers

The Tampa Convention Center installed two “TurboCor” Chillers that utilize magnetic bearing technology, allowing electromagnets to “float” the rotating parts. This process reduces energy consumption for air conditioning and eliminated the need for the oil to be changed and be disposed. These units combined produce 400 tons of cooling capacity. Overall the Convention Center has six chillers with a combined capacity of 4500 tons.

Electric Vehicle Station

The Tampa Convention Center Garage, through a grant program, has an electric vehicle station for guest to use to help reduce greenhouse emissions. The station is part of the Charge Point America program sponsored by Coulomb Technologies through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Transportation Electrification Initiative administered by the Department of Energy. The goal is to provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure to regions in the US and foster the adoption and readiness of EV’s throughout the country.

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems is a computer-aided tool is used to monitor, control and optimize the performance of HVAC systems and lighting in office buildings. Energy Management Systems utilize CO2 demand ventilation reducing energy consumption and helps lower carbon footprint. The Tampa Convention Center is able to match the cooling and heating needs to the varying levels needed for different types of events and the number of people present in the building at the particular time.

Energy Star Partner Energy Star

Energy Star is a Federal EPA program that ranks buildings by their energy consumption compared to others of similar size and use. TCC ranks very high at 84 percent of building efficiency as compared with other convention centers. By utilizing green building operations techniques, the Convention Center has seen a 12 % decrease in energy usage for 2013 over prior years, helping offset power rate increases.


The Tampa Convention Center replaced 10 escalators with new, energy efficient units that utilize a drive system that consumes 20% less power per unit. Additionally, these unites are sealed, require no petroleum lubricants, and are environmentally friendly. The elevators are being replaced with modern and more efficient drive units during 2017/2018.

Food Donations

Unused food that is deemed safe for consumption such boxed lunches are donated to local charities by our in-house Food & Beverage provider.

Hydration StationHydration Stations

Two water cooler/filling station combinations have replaced existing traditional fountains to evaluate the maintenance requirements and collect consumer comments on usability. In addition to encouraging tap water use, the stations provide a more efficient water transfer mechanism for filling containers, resulting in less water wastage and energy loss. The stations feature energy-efficient refrigeration systems and help offset disposal of plastic water bottles.

LED Lighting

An ongoing program to replace older lighting technologies with LED lighting is being done at the Tampa Convention Center. We are one of the few convention centers to have LED lighting in the exhibit halls. The efficiency of LED’s and the extreme long life reduces energy and maintenance costs.

Material Donations

We encourage and make it easy for our clients to donate excess materials such as show bags, paper, notepads, office supplies, fun promotional items and anything else a student, teacher or family could use to the Hillsborough Education Foundation & Habitat for Humanity Hillsborough Restore.


The Tampa Convention Center continues to improve its recycling efforts by adding recycling containers within and outside the building. In 2016, we recycled over 312 cubic yards of commingled material which includes aluminum, plastic and mixed-paper products. Additionally, we recycle over 77 tons of source separated cardboard annually.

See the City of Tampa’s full Annual Sustainability Report.