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The State of Florida mandates certification requirements for many categories ofcontractors. These contractors are required to be licensed either at the State level or the local level.  Certification is based on  experience, education requirements, and passing a written examination.Examinations are given for the local level and at the state level. State-certifiedcontractors can work anywhere in the state. Locally-certified contractors can only work inthe local jurisdiction or another jurisdiction that has a reciprocity agreement with them. 

All construction work must be done by one of these licensed contractors with twoexceptions: the owner of a one or two family dwelling; or the owner of a commercialbuilding who is doing less than $75,000.00 in work on the building for his or her own use,and not for sale or lease.

A homeowner can hire laborers to assist him or her in the work provided the laborersare supervised by the homeowner and the homeowner complies with the Florida Statutesregarding worker's compensation, insurance and payroll taxes.

A contractor can only do the work in the area of certification (e.g. a plumbingcontractor cannot do roofing work). Some areas of work such as painting does not require apermit, but the contractor must still be licensed even though a permit is not required.Hillsborough County has contractor disciplines  that are locally regulated, so itis wise to check to see if your discipline is required to be licensed.

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