Construction Services - Documents and Forms

Instructions and forms related to construction projects can be filled out electronically.

NOTE: Documents with an asterisk (*) appearing at the end of the name are required to be notarized by a Notary Public. Several Construction Services staff members are Notary Publics and will be happy to notarize these documents for you.

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Accessibility Waiver Applicationᅠ(PDF, 29.54kb)
Addition To, Or Accessory for House/Duplex Requirements (PDF, 86.96kb)
Annual Facility Permitᅠ(PDF, 205.89kb)
Application for Address Assignmentᅠ(PDF, 213.40kb)
Blower Door Test Form (PDF, 285 kb)
BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Guidelineᅠ(PDF, 53.4k)
BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Retrofits Manualᅠ(PDF, 95.22kb)
Central Business District Design Checklistᅠ(PDF, 238.61kb)
Certificate of Completionᅠ(PDF, 224.55kb)
Certificate of Temporary Occupancy* (PDF, 454.68kb)
Change of Contractor Acknowledgement (PDF, 262 kb)
Checklist for Plan Submittalᅠ(PDF, 192 kb)
Commercial Building Alterations Application (PDF, 292 kb)
Commercial Demolition Permit Application (PDF, 182 kb)
Commercial Electrical Checklistᅠ(PDF, 216.56kb)
Commercial Final Inspection Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 228.62kb)
Commercial Interior Finish Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 219.05kb)
Commercial Mechanical Checklistᅠ(PDF, 177.56kb)
Commercial Miscellaneous Permit Application (PDF, 350 kb)
Commercial New Construction and Addition Permit Application (PDF, 304 kb)
Commercial New Construction/Addition Permit Requirements(PDF, 215.42kb)
Commercial Phased Construction Checklistᅠ(PDF, 331.16kb)
Commercial Plan Submittal Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 207.00kb)
Commercial Site Checklistᅠᅠ(PDF, 229.54kb)
Commercial Site Data Table Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 234.69kb)
Commercial Termite Protection Requirements (PDF, 35 kb)
Commercial Trade Permit Application (PDF, 151 kb)
Commercial Underground Storage Tank Checklistᅠ(PDF, 214.07kb)
Common Code Violationsᅠ(PDF, 222.30kb)
Common Swaleᅠ(PDF, 236.52KB)
Construction Complaintᅠ(PDF, 137 kb)
Construction Contracting Exemptionᅠ(PDF, 218.42kb)
Construction Lien Lawᅠ(PDF, 24kb)
Contractor License Informationᅠ(PDF, 164.55kb)
Contractor's Letter of Authorizationᅠ(PDF, 286kb)
Covenant Regarding Zoningᅠ(PDF, 298.99kb)
Covered Workᅠᅠ(PDF, 218.64kb)
Criteria for Moving a Buildingᅠ(PDF, 228.08kb)
CSD Inspector Numbers
Culvert Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 168.43kb)
Demolition Signoffs Form (PDF, 131 kb)
Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Straight or Flareᅠ(PDF, 496.41kb)
Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Three or More Carsᅠ(PDF, 143.99kb)
Driveway Varianceᅠ(PDF, 91 kb)
Electrical Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 220.85kb)
Electronic Plans and Document Submittal Guidelines (PDF, 104.84 kb)
Electronic Plans and Document Submittal Guidelines (PDF, 105 kb)
Emergency Work Permit (PDF, 70 kb)
Engineer Sign Statementᅠ(PDF, 220.19kb)
Erosion and Sediment Control Policyᅠ(PDF, 335.47kb)