Inspection Information

The information provided in the links below lists the required inspections for the various types of construction.  We've also included the common code violations that occur during construction. We hope this information will provide the answers to your questions regarding inspections and save you time and money by avoiding the most common mistakes that could be made during construction.  If you need further assistance please contact the Construction Services Division at 813-274-3100.

Permitted construction work in the City of Tampa requires inspections be made to ensure all work meets the current building codes.  Inspections are divided into specific phases (Foundation, Slab/Floor Framing, Lintel/Team Beam, Framing, Insulation, Final) to assureall of the work gets inspected before it is covered up.  These phases do not apply to storm water,transportation, landscaping, and fire inspections. These inspections are conducted during the final inspection at the end ofconstruction.

If the construction site is not ready for inspections or there are excessive code violations discovered during the inspection, a Notice of Violation is issued and a re-inspection fee will be charged.