Variance Review Board

The Variance Review Board (VRB) receives its direction from Chapter 17.5-73 Powers and Duties.  The VRB is able to grant variances to portions of Chapter 13 (Tree and Landscape), Chapter 20.5 (Signs) and Chapter 27 (Zoning). 

The VRB usually meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM in City Council Chambers, 315 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd Floor.

Variance Review Board Information (VRB)

The VRB shall only be authorized to grant variances in cases where the VRB expressly finds that the applicant has demonstrated practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships and that the request ensures the public health, safety and general welfare are protected. When reviewing a variance application, the VRB shall base its decision on substantial competent evidence in the official record and shall consider the following criteria:  

(1) The alleged hardships or practical difficulties are unique and singular with respect to the property, or with respect to a structure or building thereon, and are not those suffered in common with other properties, structures, or buildings similarly located.

(2) The hardship or practical difficulty does not result from the actions of the applicant. A self-created hardship or practical difficulty shall not justify a variance.  

(3) The variance, if granted, will not substantially interfere with or injure the health, safety, or welfare of others whose property would be affected by allowance of the variance.

(4) The variance is in harmony with, and serves the general intent and purpose of, this chapter and the adopted Tampa Comprehensive Plan.

(5) Allowing the variance will result in substantial justice being done, considering both the public benefits intended to be secured by this chapter and the individual hardships or practical difficulties that will be suffered due to a failure of the board to grant a variance.

The VRB may impose reasonable conditions upon the granting of any variance to ensure that the public health, safety and general welfare shall be protected and substantial justice done. Any violation of such conditions shall be a violation of this Code.