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What is InVision Tampa?

In 2011, the City of Tampa began creating a master plan for Tampa’s Center City, spanning from downtown to Ybor City on the east, Armenia Avenue on the west and north along historic Nebraska Avenue to Hillsborough Avenue.  We walked, talked, photographed, mapped and — most importantly – listened to you about the nuances of your neighborhood, as well as the things that matter to you and your families now and in our future. We worked closely with Mayor Buckhorn, experts and scholars with worldwide experience and insight and returned to you, once again, to ensure we’d found a blue print that your supported your vision and could transform our community. By November 2012, we shared the Center City Plan and we're ready to start making it a reality.

The Vision

Center City Tampa will be a community of livable places, connected people, and collaborative progress that embraces and celebrates its river and waterfront.  The Hillsborough River will be center of our downtown, providing an accessible, comfortable, safe, and highly active place for our residents and visitors.   Our neighborhoods will be vibrant, diverse, distinctive, and safe and will be linked to each other and to the river through a series of attractive, bicycle and pedestrian connections.  Our Center City will be a place for people of all ages to live, work and play – a place where opportunities can be found and hope for a better future can be realized.

Where We Are Now?

Now, we are turning our attention to making it happen!  From the completion of the Tampa Riverwalk, the restoration of the Federal Courthouse, the evolution of Encore and the construction of downtown residential towers, our Center City plan is actively shaping the future of our downtown.  More recommendations are in the works.  

Project Timeline

04/30/13 - 05/02/13The InVision Tampa Consulting Team conducts a three day design workshop to develop preliminary ideas and a preliminary vision for the Corridor.  On April 30, the consulting team led a working session with community participants to draft ideas and tactics for the corridor plan.  On May 2, the consulting team presented preliminary ideas.
12/05/12 - 12/11/12The Invision Tampa Consulting Team leads four corridor charrettes in support of the Nebraska - Hillsborough Primary Transit Corridor Master Plan.  The charrettes were held at the Ragan Park and Robles Park Community Centers, Seminole Heights Garden Center and the Children's Board.
11/27/12The Center City Vision Plan is presented to the public during an open house at Tampa Prep.
11/13/12The Issues and Opportunities Report summarizing the output, findings and summary of the public engagement process is released.
07/23/12 - 7/26/12The InVision Tampa Consulting Team conducts a four day design workshop to develop preliminary ideas and a preliminary vision for the master plan.  On July 23, the consulting team led a working session with community participants to draft the mission and objectives for the plan.  On July 26, the consulting team presented preliminary design ideas.
06/20/12Knowledge Exchange Forum #4 - "Livable Transportation"
05/30/12Knowledge Exchange Forum #3 - "Economic Development"
05/16/12Knowledge Exchange Forum #2 - "Public Realm".
04/28/12 - 5/19/12The InVision Tampa consulting team leads neighborhood charrettes and walking audits for 8 neighborhoods - CBD, Channel District, North Hyde Park, Tampa Heights, West Tampa, V.M. Ybor, Ybor City and the north Nebraska - Hillsborough Corridor.  Approximately 150 people participate.
04/11/12Knowledge Exchange Forum #1 - "21st Century Cities".
04/09/12The City officially kicked off the project with a special announcement by the Mayor. The project was given a new name to provide identity and focus - InVision Tampa. The website went live and the schedule of events and meetings was provided to the media. A 90-second video was produced to introduce the project to residents and posted on the webpage.
03/01/12Consultant Contract Approved by the City of Tampa.
11/29/11AECOM was selected as the consultant to lead the planning efforts for the Nebraska-Hillsborough Avenue Primary Transit Corridor Master Plan and the Downtown Area Conceptual Master Plan.
10/14/11The City of Tampa hosted an Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Panel on October 9-14 to help develop an initial vision for the city's central city area, identify potential issues and opportunities for redevelopment and highlight areas that need more targeted analysis by the consultant. Approximately 100 people attended an open house reception hosted by the Tampa Bay ULI (the local chapter of the Urban Land Institute) to meet the Advisory Panel. The Panel then met with city staff and held small group interviews with approximately 70 community stakeholders representing businesses, employers, government, architects, planners, residents and community organizations. On Friday, October 14, nearly 200 individuals attended the presentation of the ULI Advisory Panel's recommendations and suggestions. The final report from the ULI Advisory Panel will be available in January.