Risk Management / Claims

The City of Tampa Risk Management office serves the city by maintaining insurance programs to protect the city from unexpected losses and by processing claims from citizens.

If you feel you have a legal basis for a claim against the City, a City of Tampa Statement of Claim form must be completed, signed and notarized, and returned to the City of Tampa along with supporting documentation in order for a Claims Representative to investigate the occurrence.

For claims related to Automobile Accidents involving city vehicles go to Automobile Claims Information

For All Other Claims involving injury or property damage/loss go to General Claims Information

The completed forms and any related invoices, estimates, or photographs can be submitted electronically via the link on the Automobile and General Liability Claims pages, or mailed, faxed or delivered to:

City of Tampa Risk Management / Claims
306 East Jackson Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

Tel.: (813) 274-5708
Fax: (813) 274-5728

Hours:  7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday through Friday

PUBLIC RECORDS NOTICE:  All e-mail sent to and received from the City of Tampa, Florida, including e-mail addresses and content, are subject to the provisions of the Florida Public Records Law, Florida Statute Chapter 119, and may be subject to disclosure.  It is recommended that you mail or fax any documents that include personal information.

NOTE:  All documents submitted to the City of Tampa are subject to Florida Public Records Statute (Ch. 119, F.S.) after the claim is closed.