Bridge Lighting Downtown - Agua Luces

Agua luces
Agua luces

Watch the Agua Luces - Downtown Bridges Illuminated Press Conference

Led by Mayor Buckhorn, Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas, and the Lights On Tampa Committee, Lights On Tampa: Agua Luces is an initiative to permanently light nine landmark bridges in downtown Tampa. To-date, five of the nine bridges, have been illuminated by lighting artist, Tracey Dear. The bridges are: Platt Street Bridge, Brorein Street Bridge, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority overpass, Kennedy Boulevard Bridge, and the CSX Railroad Bridge. The lighting is a permanent addition to the downtown. For additional information the artist and the Lights On Tampa program, visit

There are specific vistas along the Tampa Riverwalk which are vantage points for viewing the five different bridges with sections of the Riverwalk taking you under the bridges for an up-close and personal experience with the lights.  This Map shows you where those best viewing sites are located.

What time will the lights turn on?

The lights turn on 30 minutes prior to sunset and go off at sunrise. They change color every 30 seconds throughout the night.

Where is the best place to experience the lights?

The best place to view the bridge lights is by boat or by foot along the Riverwalk. This downloadable map also shows the various points to experience the bridge lighting.

  • The Riverwalk at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park gives you a platform to see CSX Railroad Bridge and Kennedy Bridge
  • The Riverwalk from MacDill Park towards the Convention Center, allows the viewer to directly experience the artistic lighting. This section of the Riverwalk will take you under Brorein Street Bridge, Expressway Authority Overpass and Platt Street Bridge, and you will be able to experience the lights in this area. This section of the Riverwalk also continues to the Channel District.

Where should I dock my boat?

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and the Tampa Convention Center both have places to dock. NOTE: The boat tie downs at each location are first come, first served. Come early and grab dinner before the lights turn on!

What happens if it rains?

The lights turn on every night, even in the event of rain.

For more information about "Agua Luces"and Lights On Tampa, please visit