Video Spotlights

Perry Harvey Park from Nicole Abbett on Vimeo.

That Art Show

CTTV's occasional series on creativity and the arts in Tampa

  • This show features public art projects on Bayshore Boulevard and at the Roy Jenkins Pool. Kathie Aagaard, a talented violist, is also featured. (YouTube link)
  • Join host Robin Nigh and discover what is happening in the world of public art; visit with local artists, witness the miracle of art in the making and answer the question "how did that get there?"  (YouTube link)





  • Vignette's of Tampa - Susan Gott's Glass trellis installation on Zack Street (YouTube)
  • Kinetic Ring -- Glass sculpture by Catherine Woods and MGA Sculpture Studio installed 2012 in WestShore (YouTube). 
  • The making of Leslie Fry's Nestbuilder (YouTube). 
  • Seminoles Return to Cotanchobee (YouTube)
    Artist Bob Haozous describes the importance of the land to Native Americans and how his piece, Ceremonial Space, connects mankind back to nature.  Ceremonial Space is currently being fabricated. 



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