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The Tampa Historic Streetcar System is a 2.7-mile long streetcar transportation network that provides a unique connection from downtown Tampa and the Channelside District to the Ybor City historic district. Today, the system is used mainly by tourists. But the City of Tampa is exploring a future for the streetcar as a true transportation option for residents, visitors, and employees in the downtown core.

The City recognizes the need to extend the streetcar service and expand its operations to better serve the local population so it functions as more than just a tourist attraction.

With this objective in mind, the City is conducting a public transportation feasibility study for the extension and modernization of the current system. The goal of this planning process, which is called InVision: Tampa Streetcar, is to take the first step towards creating a viable transportation choice for people who live, work or visit downtown.

The planning team will look at a wide range of corridors and technologies, including the possible use of autonomous transit vehicles, and recommend feasible alternatives and funding strategies. The first phase of InVision: Tampa Streetcar is expected to be complete in early Summer 2017. If the results of the feasibility analysis are positive, a second phase will be initiated to select a preferred alternative and refine improvement plans and strategies.




Q. Why is the project necessary?
A. The current Tampa Streetcar System was constructed to replicate the historic feel of Ybor City and to be appealing to tourists. Today, the City of Tampa believes the system can be transformed into a viable transportation option for people who live, work and visit downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. To guarantee the best investment is made, the City will evaluate a range of alternatives for the system’s extension and modernization.

Q. How will this planning affect traffic in Downtown Tampa?
A. This planning will not affect traffic in Downtown Tampa at all. If and when a selected alternative moves into construction, traffic may be impacted at that time. However, it is too early in the study to know any specifics, and we will be identifying ways to minimize impacts on downtown traffic.

Q. Who came up with this initiative? How much is it going to cost and who is going to pay for it?
A. The City of Tampa is working closely with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) in planning for the best and highest use of the Tampa Streetcar. InVision: Tampa Streetcar will cost $1,677,390 and is being funded by both FDOT ($1 million) and the City of Tampa ($677,390).

Q. I don’t see many people riding the Tampa Streetcar now. Will improvement increase ridership?
A. The current streetcar system has only a 2.7-mile route with a limited schedule, which does not provide many alternatives to riders. Despite the limited route and hours, the Tampa Streetcar currently moves nearly 300,000 passengers each year. The City will look at potential ridership as one of the factors in determining which route and technology would be used by the most people.

Q. Who is running the research behind the plan, and how is that being done?
A. The consultant team selected for this project is headed by HDR Engineering, Inc. Planning will be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 will identify a limited number of alternatives for extensions and modernization of the existing Tampa Streetcar system, culminating with a letter to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requesting approval to initiate consideration for federal funding. If approved by the FTA, Phase 2 will commence, which includes identifying a locally preferred alternative (LPA) for extension and modernization and complete project development activities.

Q. How do you define success for this initiative?
A. Success will result in a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) that has federal funding and broad public support allowing the City to invest in its existing infrastructure and ensure the Tampa Streetcar best meets Tampa’s growing need for transportation options.


First InVision: Tampa Streetcar Brainstorm Session
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.
Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old Water St., Tampa, FL 33602

Second InVision: Tampa Streetcar Brainstorm Session
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.
Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old Water St., Tampa, FL 33602

InVision: Tampa Streetcar Results Roundtable
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.
Ybor Room, Hillsborough Community College – Ybor City Campus
2001 N. 14th Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Parking is free in the HCC Surface Lots north of Palm Avenue and the Fernando Noriega, Jr. North Parking Garage



There will be a number of opportunities to get involved and to provide your input during InVision: Tampa Streetcar. The City of Tampa will be holding two separate brainstorm sessions to get public opinions on the project, culminating in a results roundtable toward the end of Phase 1, where the public will get a first look at the draft plan.

For those that can’t attend one of these public meetings, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the Streetcar Extension and Modernization Study here. Also follow the City of Tampa on Facebook and Twitter @CityofTampa.

You can also call Milton Martinez, P.E. at (813) 274-8998 or send email to

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Streetcar Study Timeline:

  • Procurement Phase (Oct. 2015 – July 2016)
  • Council Award Resolution (Aug. 25, 2016)
  • Phase 1 (Feasibility Study) - 13 months (expected to be complete in December 2017)
  • FTA Review – 1-3 months (completion timeframe TBD)
  • Phase 2 (Project Development) – 9-12 months (depends on securing federal funding)
  • LPA (Locally Preferred Alternative ) and PD&E (Project Development & Environment)


You can also call Milton Martinez, P.E. at (813) 274-8998 or send email to