Water Rates and Fees

Tampa's commitment to maintaining and upgrading its water system and infrastructure is important. Revenue from water rates allow the Tampa Water Department to:

  • Replace aging pipes;
  • Improve and protect the health of the lower Hillsborough River; and
  • Pay for increased operation and maintenance costs.

Schedule of Rates - Potable Water

(Effective October 1, 2011 per Resolution 2007-753Resolution 2010-339Resolution 2011-106 and Resolution 2012-441)

Each billing unit is 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) of water. The price per unit is tied to set amounts of water in usage blocks, or tiers. The number and size of the usage blocks are based on the customer classification. Tampa has a tiered rate system to encourage water conservation.

Tampa Bay Water Pass-Through Charge

The Tampa Bay Water Pass-Through Charge was established to recover additional costs associated with water purchased from Tampa Bay Water (TBW) when demand is high and our own resources can no longer meet customer demand.  Tampa Bay Water is a regional wholesale provider that sells water to local water providers. This surcharge was put into place to recover the difference between what is paid to Tampa Bay Water and what it costs Tampa to produce water at our own facilities.

The surcharge is passed on to our customers only if Tampa has had to buy water from Tampa Bay Water. A per unit cost is calculated from the total cost for all of the purchases from Tampa Bay Water during the previous 3-month period. The amount each customer pays is calculated by multiplying their individual usage times that per unit cost. The surcharge appears as a separate line item on the utility bill and, like the tier rates for water, the surcharge line item is subject to tax.

For more information on the surcharge contact a Call Center Representative at (813) 274-8811, option #3.

Information on other rates and fees: