Green Tampa

Mission Statement

It is our mission to deliver outstanding services to enhance the quality of life and foster a more sustainable and livable city for our current and future residents.  City of Tampa employees are dedicated to a sustainable energy efficient future and improving the lives of our residents and making Tampa one of the best cities for people to visit. We are committed to investing in real tangible solutions to protect our natural environment for future generations.

Green Tampa Logo

Thomas R.P. Snelling, AICP Green Officer

Tampa's Certified Gold

Following are the City's green programs and services for residents and businesses:


Refuse to Energy

Refuse-To-Energy Facility

Household Recycling Information

Household Recycling

Yard Waste Recycling Information

Yard Waste Recycling

Solar Powered Pay Stations

Solar-Powered Parking
Pay Stations

Solar Powered Trash Compactor

Recycling Compactors

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle
Charging Stations



Parks and Gardens

Parks & Gardens

Greenways and Trails

Greenways & Trails

Urban Forest

Urban Forest



Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful


Solid Waste Enhanced
Environment Program

Household Chemicals

Household Chemical &
Electronics Disposal

Urban Infill

Urban Infill

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Water




Fast Track Review

Fast-Track Review
for Green Construction

Green HIllsborough

Hillsborough County
Green Program