Contract Instructors & Business Entities

The Tampa Parks and Recreation Department continually seeks instructors to offer fun and exciting recreation programs to our community.

Contract Instructors

What can Parks and Recreation offer you as an Instructor?

  • We have many diverse facilities, including gymnasiums, classrooms, computer labs, art studios, and aquatic and athletic facilities.
  • Your class description will be placed on our WebTrac online catalog.
  • We offer registration both online and in person.
  • With your approval, participants will be able to register through our WebTrac Online Registration Software for your classes and programs.
  • We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for payments.

How to Apply:

The Recreation Contract Instructor Manual is your resource for information on this program. We recommend you review it prior to submitting your application and course request forms. Please note that a course request is required for each program you are interested in teaching.

You may also pick up an application at our Administrative office located at 3402 W. Columbus Drive, Tampa, Florida 33607, or at any of our Community Centers throughout the City. You can request to have the information faxed or mailed to you by calling (813) 274-7716 or emailing your request.

Instructor Partners

Instructor Partner is an individual who teaches as a volunteer, accepts donations, or charges at another business or local gym, who uses Parks and Recreation outdoor areas.

In order to become an approved Instructor Partner:

  • proper insurance documentation must be submitted to our Administrative office
  • a $50.00 annual fee must be paid
  • a background screen must be successfully completed

Once you are approved, a Facility Use Permit will be completed for use of the space and a fee of $10.00 per hour will be paid.